For Businessess
It's a web application that allows you to upload multiple types of information to a single QR Code. Add documents, contact information, photos + more to an updatable, reusable QR Code.
Turn any marketing medium into a way to share your business info.
For Mobile Users
It's a mobile application that allows you to scan a QR and download any businessess uploaded information into a seperate contacts database. View photo, docs and contact information quickly. GPS store locations, make calls, send emails and more right from the app!
one QR, many solutions
Features for Business
Update, Change or Add information to the same QR Forever
Post Multiple Events for all of your users to download and see
Upload countless types of info: Email, WebUrl, Documents, Music + More
Print your personlized QR Code right from your own server area
Instantly update your information in all users devices
Manage your QR through out easy to use Data Application.
Features for End Users
Expo Mode for multiple uploads during functions or meetings
Receive and share events from download users
Single Taps for GPS, Phone Dailing, Email, Multimedia file opening
Seperate Contacts Database for information reduces memory usage
View and Share Upcoming Events
News and Blogs